JESUS, The Reason For Christmas!

When The Time Was Right, God Sent His Son…GALATIANS 4: 4-7
So it’s another Christmas season! Time to slow down and gather with family and friends. Time to give and receive presents wrapped in colorful wrap papers.
Time to start preparing to say goodbye to the old season and welcome to the new season. What does Christmas really mean in a world where every celebration and holiday is increasingly becoming commercialized? What can we take from all the heightened activities of getting things on our  bucket lists done?
We do ourselves, families, friends and communities a great service when we focus on the real reason for the season. There will be no Christmas without Jesus, who came to save us from our sins and redeem us into an ever growing relationship with God. Christmas is CHRISTmas!
So, while we give and receive presents, as we gather round our tables to feast and catch up with family members and friends, lets remember and remind others in love that without Jesus there will be no Christmas. Without Christ there will be no reason to celebrate this wonderful season. Lets tell our children that Jesus is more than Santa Claus. He is no fairy tale. Let everyone know that by God’s eternal design when the fullness of time came, just when the time was right, Jesus was born in Bethlehem with a purpose to save anyone that will believe and trust in Him. This is the true and timeless love action and message of  CHRISTmas!