Thanksgiving Reflections…


Oh Give Thanks To The Lord, For He is good, For His Steadfast Love Endures Forever!
-Psalm 107: 1

This Thanksgiving, we have the opportunity to gather with family and friends unlike the past year in a more meaningful way. Fall ushers us into deeper times of reflections on our journey of life and faith as the year is about to come full circle. For followers of Christ, praise and thanksgiving should be a lifestyle because God’s love and grace is poured on us each day in diverse ways.
The abiding presence of God and in our lives and the confidence it gives us is one sure thing to be thankful for. His bountiful blessings in diverse ways which includes family and friends is another thing to be thankful for.
Having a sound mind in Christ is something to be thankful for in the midst of all the chaos and craziness all around us. What about His forgiveness and the grace given to us to forgive and love others regardless of how they respond to us? How about His healing power and comfort in our pain and sickness? The list is endless because God’s love is endless! His love and mercies are new every single day.
As we prepare our hearts and tables for Thanksgiving this year. let extend the love, grace and mercies we so continually receive to others in need or lonely. Look around you and reach out to those in need of food or a kind gesture. Spread the love of God in tangible ways, remind people of God’s bountiful love through your intentional actions with gratitude for our own blessings beyond what we truly deserve.
Have a happy and a memorable Thanksgiving! May you reap a bountiful harvest of joy in giving to others and receiving from God from whom all bountiful blessings flow.