Practicing the Sabbath… yielding for God’s provision

Practicing the Sabbath continues to be a life-giving practice for Harry and I. Admittedly, we have had to make some adjustments along the way. For several weeks now, we needed to change the day of the week due to previously scheduled events on Saturdays. So, we decided to make our Sabbath during this time from Thursday evening at sundown until Friday evening at sundown.

This week was especially difficult for me as I had tasks, sermons, rehearsals and extra services pile up and leave me feeling breathless. Thursday evening came too quickly. As we prepared dinner, I was hoping to talk about the musical rehearsal we were having on Saturday morning with our church’s children.

Harry’s response, “that can wait until Friday after Sun down”… his words, a great reminder that I could wait, rest, and trust that the creative process could continue on Friday Night. This was a stretch as well as a relief.

Over the next 24 hours I began to enter a space of gratitude and delight; graitude for the many things God had accomplished over the past week in the lives of people I interact with… delight in God’s provision… a roof over my head, a loving husband and family, great neighbors and friends, and signs of spring… the cherry tree buds and more birds singing in the early hours of the morning.

All of these things, lifted my spirit and I felt richly blessed by God. I remember in the middle of our time, that I blurted out to Harry, “it is amazing how practicing the Sabbath makes you thankful… it really gives you a heart of gratitude.”

As I write this, I am aware that it is not the legalistic practice of this that brings spiritual refreshment… it is the giving space to, staying still long enough for, and being open to the transforming presence of God who longs for us to stop long enough to notice…

another invitation

as the sun slips down
another day
the backstage door
of life’s story unfolding

when all at once

a voice

invites me to notice
the beauty
amidst the chaos of activity
warm hues of the sun’s descent
behind the pending storm

a voice

that takes my breath away
yet fills me
with deep satisfaction
and rest
an invitation
to pause
take it all in